Weekly photo challenge(topic: on top)


From the weekly photo challenge. Share a photo that means “on top.”

Above pic, the daytime moon is resting on top of some branches from trees in my yard.


This moon is a lazy sort! Here I caught him just about to rest on top of one of my telephone wires. But maybe I shouldn’t be so harsh. After all, the moon has to provide romantic moonglow for starry-eyed lovers all over the world. And serving as the never ending inspiration for those demanding poets? No wonder the poor moon is tired.

“The moon in all her immaculate purity hung in the sky, laughing at this world of dust. She congratulated me for my carefully considered maneuvers and invited me to share in her eternal solitude.”

Shan Sa


Speak to me


Pick something that has no “voice” and let it speak through you.

Meaning, during your day, let something grab your attention, something that cannot voice words as we do: a bird, a pole, a cup, a rock, a building, etc.

If that thing could talk what would it say? If it has an “aliveness” to it what is that like? Explain what you think it sees everyday…what impressions it feels..and so on..

Pic is optional but I really hope to be able to post one. If I can get this app thingie working, that is!
Here’s mine(pic to be posted later..hopefully).

A tree I see every day.

I can’t think but I sense and “feel.”
I hear bird songs.
I feel the rain, changes in temperature.

My leaves dance in the breeze and this delights me. I am saddened when leaves fall in the autumn, joyous when new ones return in the spring.

At night, when it’s quiet,
I sense the stars and moon above me.
They are an eternity away but I feel as much a connection with them as my roots do from the earth below.

Most people walk past and never notice me. A few people do–and I delight in being noticed and appreciated by those few.

I am rooted in stillness, but I am alive and growing and changing-everyday, much as you are. I am energy in form, same as you, and one day my form disappear from this earth.


Oh, the places you’d go

You stand in your laboratory and stare in relief and wonder at what you just created. After years of toil you finally created a time machine. You hesitantly step inside and turn the dial to…

What places and/or time period do you have in mind to visit?

Here are a few of mine(and it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few!). In no particular order:

1) The Cretaceous period.

2) The Roman Empire (any time).

3) The Middle Ages, England

4) Late 19th century(NYC and London)

I had pics for each time period but for whatever reason I couldn’t get them to work.

Next up: people in history you want to sit down and have a nice chat with.

A dream

I don’t normally pay attention to dreams. They’re just random, weird images that make no sense most of the time.

But sometimes something comes through a dream, some strong feeling, that feels like something of an insight.

Last night I had a dream like that. I met a girl. She was beautiful, full of grace. I instantly fell in love. Too bad for me she was with a guy.

It was when I was thinking, “I wish her heart was for me. I wish I could know her better..” that she looked at me with eyes so full of love it stopped my longing thoughts dead.

She understood what I was thinking, and with a look that conveyed more than words ever could, she silently told me: my heart IS with you.

By that I knew that her heart was with everything that her gaze fell upon: every insect, every human, regardless of how unlovable, every cloud, and bird..all of it.

I sensed from the dream what I’ve always sensed: Love isn’t exclusive, it’s inclusive. There is no jealousy or possessiveness with real love.

A great dream. Now, dream factory, if you’re listening, send me the same dream again with the same girl, but make her be single this time!


I wonder sometimes the loss or lack of connection that so many feel towards life.

To objectify something, whether it be a forest, a person, or animal..anything at all is exploitation…something ugly.

To see something that is living as not alive or feeling in any sense. The developer sees a forest as land for houses, a mall. He only sees money. He doesn’t or can’t see the beauty of the trees and all the life teeming there, from insects to animals.

People see others as objects as well. In so many cultures women are viewed this way. Completely objectified–not human, less than cattle. To see another human being, the mystery and aliveness, as an object for their pleasure or as a utility-it boggles my mind.