The collecter(original version)


The Collector

Everyday the old man would walk through the town’s side streets, fields, and woods, stuffing things in his pockets. In each pocket, a world: Smooth stones and grey clouds. Sparkling stars and dying flowers. Spiders and moon-glow.

When he ran out of pockets to fill, he would go home and empty the contents out onto the floor, staring in child-like wonder at the treasures he had found. The simple things most people are too busy to notice.


9 thoughts on “The collecter(original version)

  1. Wonderful Linty, it makes us to think upon redefining our criteria for happiness 🙂 I liked the way, his collection contrasted between the real and abstract.

    • I guess it’s subjective, huh? Maybe what makes one person happy won’t make another happy?

      Yea, it makes me wonder if maybe it’s all real or abstract..or maybe anything can be real if it has meaning for someone..

    • I want to expand on the details of the story..I think the meaning is already told but I think it could be fleshed out more..thank you mou!

  2. This caught my attention at first because I used the same illustration for a poem I wrote. I really appreciate what what you’ve done with this piece. Makes one pause and consider what brings joy into ones life. Looking forward to the second part. 😊

    • Thank you so much for visiting n commenting! I need to come on here more n see what people post.

      It is true ..stopping to see what brings joy ..and there’s so many things that do ..simple things if the heart. I can tell by your posts on twitter you see n live this and have many beautiful, simple things that bring you joy. 🌻

      Thanks again, my friend

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