A silent goodbye (haibun)

buried deep
contain hidden treasure

She is quiet by nature. Her words are few. It takes a courage she doesn’t possess for her to reveal her inner thoughts. But what her words can’t say, she expresses with a look, a touch, or gesture.

two ships
in a small ocean
distance expanding

She enters a semi darkened room where the child is sleeping. Gently, she bends down to kiss his forehead. It is time for farewells, a parting of ways for a while.

the brave knight
behind castle walls

With closed eyes the child hears her enter the room. He knows she has come to say goodbye. He smells her perfume and then feels a kiss, as light as an angel’s sigh, on his forehead. He wants to be brave and say goodbye, but he knows his tiny heart would break if he sees her face. She, my mother, pauses for a moment at the door, and I feign sleep until she’s gone.


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