From a conversation about time

Is time an illusion?

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”
Albert Einstein

The distinction between past, present, and future is an illusion is my interpretation of Einstein’s quote.

Time is also relative.

For one person in prison, the day can seem to last an eternity. For a person who is with a loved one having the “time” of his life, time goes fast, or more accurately, it stops. There is no sense of time. But later only when they think about, it seemed the day went fast. But where is time if you stop thinking about it?

And, can one person’s past be someone else’s present which can be someone else’s future?

Three people are on a very long ship at sea with each three at different spots on the ship. One in the front, one in the middle, and the third at the back. A dolphin swims by. The one in the front spots the dolphin, then it’s gone. Then the person in the middle spots it swimming by, then it’s gone. Finally the third person spots the dolphin. For the first person his past is the dolphin after it passed, which is the middle man’s present(as he’s seeing the dolphin). And then the same for the last man. Happening at the same time? Relative?. Only in the perspective of each person. It happened in each of the three persons now.

These ideas of time and how it’s so relative are interesting. The science–especially quantum physics are interesting, but on a personal level (and the point of this blog) is I believe time is a man-made construct.

In a time before the calendar where was time?

How can time exist–except in our minds?

What is tomorrow but a thought of tomorrow? Tomorrow, like yesterday, doesn’t exist. This might sound new agey, but only now exists. Like that couple in love, there is only now.

Now and now and now, over and over again.

Think about tomorrow…when is that thought taking place? Now. By the time you think it it’s already gone.

Think about yesterday..same thing.

Tomorrow is a thought. Yesterday is a thought. Where is time in this eternal present?

I think Einstein was right about the purpose of time. I think that quote hints at the psychological man made nature of time.

It’s interesting. I think direct experience is the truth, and like basic truths, it is paradoxical. There is only now..but yet my body ages(or does it? Every seven years I have a brand new body, all new cells). But does presence age? Bodies, ideas, beliefs change, but do you(beyond time–awareness) age?

Anyone got the time?



17 thoughts on “From a conversation about time

  1. Interesting Linty, imagine everything is still but, all appearing moving because we can’t see all at once. Periodic intervals of events in universe & revolution of celestial bodies in space, coming at same point again & again have a reason, that we perhaps still don’t know.

    • That’s a great thought/image. I think of it like this: an ant is crawling across a piece of paper. The paper is life, a beginning and an end. The paper is still, but it appears that things on the paper are moving.

      In reality, the little any can’t see everything all at once.

      I agree. That’s great. Coming at the same point again and again..and it is a mystery.

      One thing I know though, is my direct experience. Which is maybe a side topic but…and that time is man made. There only appears to be a past and future. Past and future are nothing but bubbles(thoughts) appearing in the now. It’s always now but our minds tricks us into believing there is a tomorrow. It’s just a neuron firing in the brain. A thought.

      Anyway, want to continue talking more on this? This kind of leads me to another blog idea about parallel dimensions. Lol.

      Sorry if I got wordy. This is a great topic.

      I am thinking of posting a twitter break on my page. I am out of ideas and there is no reason to post if I have nothing to say.

      • Yea, I remember now you writing that. physics is a fascination for sure. It’s showing what mystics have said long ago. And there is so much to discover.

        Just the fact that nothing is solid blows my mind. Just condensed energy. Our bodies, chairs, just subatomic particles dancing in emptiness. Many physicists are becoming “spiritual” because of what they are discovering about life, universe, etcetera.

        Have you ever read brian Greene?

      • Yes, I know about Brian Greene but, have not read his books till now. Just last night, I downloaded The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene but, haven’t yet started.

      • What’s your own perception of time? I mean, during your day, how do you perceive it? Aware if it much or just kind of in a flow?

        So much of how I perceive time depends on my mood or maybe if I have a headache or some pain or something..

      • That’s why I don’t believe in God, to me our existence is an illusion, truth not known but, putting the rest to God is even more illusive. There’re thoughts, powerful thoughts but, no God. But then this is only my opinion 🙂

      • Oh I know. I share the same opinion. Truth is not known, that is so true. Lol. Socrates the only thing I know is that I know nothing. That was a wise man. It takes courage to not know

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