Daily prompt–Because the night


I am very much a night owl.

My brain really starts to get clear as soon the sun goes down(it’s foggy in early hours and basically all day, probably due to getting up early, at least that’s what I blame my absentmindedness on).

Nighttime, though, my brain switches to hyper clarity mode. Maybe it’s the feeling of calm that the dark and quiet brings. The neighborhood is asleep and everything is veiled in a black cloak. You can almost breathe in the atmosphere.

For whatever reason I feel like I can accomplish anything at night..thoughts quiet down when writing or whatever–but when I need to sleep they speed up.

So, yea, I am most productive at night. Unfortunately, my late nights are restricted to the weekend as I have to be up at the ungodly and inhumane hour of 4am everyday.


My inner vampire is grouchy when he has to get up early


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