Speak to me


Pick something that has no “voice” and let it speak through you.

Meaning, during your day, let something grab your attention, something that cannot voice words as we do: a bird, a pole, a cup, a rock, a building, etc.

If that thing could talk what would it say? If it has an “aliveness” to it what is that like? Explain what you think it sees everyday…what impressions it feels..and so on..

Pic is optional but I really hope to be able to post one. If I can get this app thingie working, that is!
Here’s mine(pic to be posted later..hopefully).

A tree I see every day.

I can’t think but I sense and “feel.”
I hear bird songs.
I feel the rain, changes in temperature.

My leaves dance in the breeze and this delights me. I am saddened when leaves fall in the autumn, joyous when new ones return in the spring.

At night, when it’s quiet,
I sense the stars and moon above me.
They are an eternity away but I feel as much a connection with them as my roots do from the earth below.

Most people walk past and never notice me. A few people do–and I delight in being noticed and appreciated by those few.

I am rooted in stillness, but I am alive and growing and changing-everyday, much as you are. I am energy in form, same as you, and one day my form disappear from this earth.



9 thoughts on “Speak to me

  1. Linty, it is really nice the way empathized with tree, I will post mine answer to your prompt tomorrow as I am tired today.
    Haven’t you started writing assignment for Zero to Hero, Last day’s assignment was to introduce self and your reasons for blogging. Today’s assignment involves five post but, I am going to post in my tomorrow. Check that zero to hero page and post your response to assignments 🙂

    • Okie, take your time..no rush..

      Oh, I haven’t started yet. Just like when I was in school, always behind! Lol

      Get good rest, my friend. Nighty night😴

    • Good morning, mou! I’m not going to do the blogging class due to you really need to go beyond apps for WP to see everything and to go to WP offline on my phone is frustrating. Too slow.

      I loved your introduction to you. Lol. I am going to do that and just post it as a blog via app so you and anyone who visits can know a little more about me. Take care and have a dreamy day!

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